EDELWEISS Restaurant
The restaurant, very trim and pleasant, offers the savoury dishes of the Calabrian gastronomic tradition besides a great choice of genuine local products. Managed with care and professionalism by the owners, that possess a long experience in the field of the catering, the hotel conjugates the pleasant family atmosphere with the efficiency of the services, and it allows, in every season, to enjoy of a serene and relaxing vacation in one of the most famous and fascinating places in the highland of Sila.

The restaurant Edelweiss is signalled on the following oeno-gastronomical guides:
  • Michelin;
  • Espresso;
  • Pirelli;
  • Veronelli;
  • Gambero Rosso;
  • Viaggi e Sapori;
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  • Parks.IT.
What they say about us...
- Luciano Imbriani on “Il Giornale” - 01/09/9201/09/92
... among which the hotel Aquila & Edelweiss detaches with its good restaurant. One can taste elegantly refined dishes...
- Antonio Contin on “Apollinea” January – February 2006
The local, in style years '60, is very pleasant and comforting but even more pleasant is always the gentleness and the class of Mr. Peppino to the search of the best products, rigorously seasonal, to offer to own guests.
- La guida del T.C.I.
Mountain landscapes with woods and green expanses, around this characteristic place, furnished with warm elegance. it proposes a kitchen of the territory...
- Guido Stecchi on “Oggi Verde” n° 9 - September 2002
Restaurant Edelweiss is an excellent interpreter of the mushroom kitchen of the Sila...
- Bella Italia November n°163 - 1999
L'Aquila & Edelweiss is an advisable address for the good relationship quality price, next to the lakes and to the centre of the Sila...
- Davide Paolini on “Il Sole 24 Ore” - 23/09/2002
Restaurant Edelweiss has a great tradition, a mixture of influences from Abruzzi and Calabria, helped, above all, by the layers of the Sila...
- Eduardo Raspelli on “La Stampa” - 26/05/1996
...The external environment will be a blaze, the kitchen will be wonderful, it will be unforgettable to see how it succeeds in this angle in taking for the throat the traveller with historical, ancient, modern dishes, done with love, served with heat and simplicity, accompanied to marvellous wines...